OSome GUI Gallery:  magnussoft ZETA

magnussoft ZETA Logo   magnussoft ZETA 1.21 [Live CD] from magnussoft GmbH. (2006)

Starting up

First run: note the German locale.

ZETA running various applications: Tracker, GLTeapot, Firefox, Pulse, and Terminal.

About screens: for the operating system, and an example of the style used in ZETA-bundled applications.

3DMix: the cool, BeOS-bundled application.

Audio mixer

Calendar/Time set

Commodities such as Find, NetPositive, Workspaces, StyledEdit, and BeGet.

Bundled Games: Freecell, Mahjongg, Minesweeper, and Sudoku.

Some bundled Media applications


Color picker: there does not seem to be a global one, but this is the closest to the original BeOS color picker.

Modal dialog with verbal buttons

Help via a user manual PDF

Keymap offers many possibilities like BeOS.

Open/Save dialogs, here shown with Favorites and the Encoding menu.

Tracker, featuring image thumbnails, hierarchical file system actions, and the Get Info dialog. Not shown: dynamic date/time format.

Shutting down

Shutdown complete

See also: Haiku.

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