OSome GUI Gallery:  solaris 10

   Solaris 10 from Sun Microsystems, using the Java Desktop System. (2006)

Startup Splash

Starting up

Login Window

Login Window: From here you can choose a language and a window manager, or to use the command line interface.

About Solaris

About Screen


Desktop: At the bottom of the screen is the Panel, a customizable launcher and taskbar.


Panel, customized with Stickies, geyes, a search box, and more.

Applications Running

Solaris running various applications


Pop-up Calendar

Ximian Evolution

Ximian Evolution, bundled with Solaris.

Network Places

File Browser (Nautilus)

Web Browser

Web Browser (Mozilla)


Desktop Background Preferences

Color Picker

Color Picker

Help Viewer

Help Viewer

Search for Files

Search Applet

StarOffice Installation Progress

Installing StarOffice

StarOffice Splash

StarOffice splash screen

StarOffice Word Processor

StarOffice word processor



Lock Screen

Screen lock

Run Dialog

Run dialog

Text Editor

Text editor (gedit)

Modal Dialog

Modal Dialog with verbal buttons. Some bundled applications do not use this type of buttons, however.

Screenshot Utility

Screenshot utility: This utility resides in the Panel.


Log out/shutdown window.


See also: The Common Desktop Environment under Solaris 10.

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