OSome GUI Gallery:  Palm OS 4.1

Palm Logo   Palm OS 4.1 from Palm, Inc. (2001)

Welcome Splash

Welcome Splash: appears on soft reset and first run.

First Run

The “Welcome” application, which launches on first run.

First Run 2

Welcome application:
Step 2 of 4

First Run 3

Welcome application:

First Run 4

Welcome application:

First Run 5

Welcome application:

First Run 6

Welcome application:
Step 3/4

First Run 7

Welcome application:
Step 4/4


Applications: the simple Palm OS applications launcher.

About Application Dialog

The About Box design for all Palm OS-bundled applications.

About Operating System

The Palm OS Info dialog, which shows information about the system.

Display Brightness

Brightness Dialog: Adjusts the screen’s brightness.


The Palm OS menu style.




Calendar PIM application: appointments view.

Calendar 2

Calendar PIM application: weekly appointments view.

Calendar 3

Calendar PIM application: month view.

Calendar 4

Calendar PIM application: split appointments/tasks view.

Calendar 4

The global date picker

Address Book

Address Book


Find Utility: Finds records from any Palm application.

Note Pad

Memo Pad: A simple note pad application.

Memo Pad

Note Pad: A note pad that lets you write on the screen.


Standard Keyboard

Keyboard 2

Numbers and Characters

Keyboard 3

International Keyboard


General Preferences

Color Picker

The global color selector (Palette View).

Color Picker (RGB)

The global color selector (RGB Slider View).

Off and Lock

Off and Lock dialog

Locked Out

System Lockout

Wrong Password

Wrong Password


Mail application: Compose Message

Mail (Send Message)

Mail application: Inbox


International Preferences (Formats)

Date/Time Picker

Date & Time Preferences

Font Picker

Simple Font Selector


Help in Palm OS (Tips), accessed by tapping the information icon at the top right of the screen if available.

Phone Dialer

Network Preferences. Can be used to connect to a network.

See also: Windows Mobile 2003.

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