OSome GUI Gallery:  K Desktop Environment 4.0

K Desktop Environment 4.0 Logo   K Desktop Environment 4.0 release 5.1 Live (2008).

Starting up: new Oxygen splash screen.

Desktop: Notice the huge bottom panel and the plasmoid icon on the top-right.

Launcher: using search; normal

Application Launcher and Run command: The run window shows results as you type.

About screens: for KDE and for applications

Plasmoids: lets you put widgets on your desktop.

Web browser: Konqueror.

Date and Time settings

Dolphin: KDE’s new file manager.

Games: Only some of the many apps included.

Kate: an advanced text editor.

Plain text editor: KWrite

Media player: JuK

Image editor: KolourPaint


Document viewer: Okular

World clock

Help: KDE Help Center


Advanced Settings

Desktop configuration

Color picker: KColorChooser

Shutting down

See also: Xfce 4.2.

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