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Xfce Logo   Xfce 4.2 [running on SLAX PE]. (2004)

Startup Desktop Applications About Screen Run Dialog Desktop Menu Color Picker Dialog Consistency Character Map Window Manager xffm Settings Manager MPlayer gaim AbiWord Accessories Accessories using xffm Date Picker Panel Settings Xfce Logo Shutdown


1: Xfce startup screen
2: Desktop
3: Various applications: Terminal, Firefox, Beep Media Player, Xfcalendar, and Character Map.
4: About screen
5: Run dialog
6: The desktop menu. Instead of having a menu to launch applications on the taskbar, Xfce as well as some other window systems use a menu on the desktop.
7: Color chooser
8: Consistent dialogs: Most Xfce dialogs all have a bar at the top and a icon.
9: Character Map
10: Window Manager, where you can select different window styles. Note the interesting names on the left, like B5 for BeOS 5.
11: Xffm, the Xfce file manager.
12: Settings Manager
13-15: Several bundled applications: MPlayer, Gaim, and AbiWord. In the bottom panel, the misleading OpenOffice.org icon actually launches AbiWord. 16: Several Xfce accessories
17: Xfce accessories using xffm
18: A possible bug with Xfcalendar where clicking the close button would launch a new window instead.
19: Panel settings
20: One of the startup logo choices
21: Shutting down

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