OSome GUI Gallery:  Plan 9

Glenda   Plan 9 from Bell Labs, Fourth Edition. (2002-2003)

Startup Applications Running Rio Empty Desktop Menu Clock Terminal Calendar Color Map Grayscale Map and Color Map Bundled Games Graph Application Image Viewer Image Viewer Image Viewer Keymap selector Moving a window Resizing a window


1: First Run: Displays acme, a graphical shell and text editor; stats, a graph of system statistics; faces, the mail announcer; and a terminal inside rio, the windowing system.
2: Plan 9 with various applications.
3: Rio, the window manager, here shown with several other rio windows inside it. An interesting thing about rio is that in order to use it properly, you must have three mouse buttons.
4: An empty Desktop
5: A menu in Plan 9. Note the scroll bar on the left.
6: Clock application
7: Terminal application
8: Terminal displaying a calendar
9: Color Map (colors)
10: Grayscale Map and Color Map side-by-side
11: Some of the bundled games: juggle, catclock, sudoku, mahjongg, sokoban, and memo.
12: grap, the graphing application
13-15: page, displaying a few sample PostScript files. page also supports FAX, image, graphic, PDF, and typesetter output files.
16: Keyboard Map selector (kbmap)
17: Moving a window. In rio, moving a window requires the 2nd mouse button.
18: Resizing a window
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